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November’s last friday, known in the commercial world as “Black Friday”, is characterized because shops offer buyers a day of special deals when they put products on sale and good discounts.  Moreover, next monday is known as “Cyber Monday”, when great deals occur this time in online shops and commercial sites.  No matter what: in both days online shopping increments considerably, as the deals are good and the prices go very low.

But as there is a surge of buyers these two intense days, there’s also a surge of people trying to scam and deceive buyers, as they are desperate to snatch shop deals. For this, buyers should have a set of precautions when they buy online. Our tool, Monibyte, has the capacity of giving the consumer a control and access tool to all they credit cards, and it’s the ideal software for buying with absolute tranquility and peace of mind.

More information (in spanish):  SINART Costa Rica Noticias, Noticias Monumental, La  República, Estrategia y Negocios, Mercados & Tendencias