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Take full control of your credit cards

Customize its use with Monibyte

Monibyte is a
system that allows you
customize your card.
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About Monibyte

It is a system that gives you total control over the limits of use and purchase of your credit card, from the website or the App, without the need to call the bank.Monibyte’s SaaS payment engine technology allows for seamless flexibility in a company’s monetary operations, and can be implemented on any bank. It was created by IMPESA a FIntech software developer company.


Differentiating offer for corporate credit and debit card customers.


It allows to personalize the card.


Absolute control in unauthorized purchases, allows generating reports and integrating with ERP.


Security and Protection

Our system empowers corporate users to have 100% control of the usage and purchasing restrictions for their company credit cards, allowing them to decide when, how much, which currency, which days of the week, at which merchants, how often and in what geographical areas the credit or debit cards can be used.

Eliminates Fraud

When applying the restrictions, it restricts the use of the card in shops that are not allowed.

Automated Reports

It allows to generate automated reports.

Dual Approving

Assign which administrators can approve the movements.

Safe Online Shopping

Do not expose the total of your credit card by assigning an amount for the purchase of products over the internet.

Points unification

The miles of purchases made are allocated to the company's account


The Monibyte engine is fully integrated with most major ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, eliminating the need for expense reports and allowing real-time data mining and reporting activities

Increase in cash flow and profitability

By reducing expenses, labor, excessive spending and fraud.


Receive by email or text message every time a purchase is made, change the settings, deny a purchase and many other functions.


of operations that confirm a decrease in fraud.
days a year
Support 24 hours a day, in both English and Spanish.
More than
Companies around the world use Monibyte.


Apply restrictions for merchants, blocking, Unlock and more functions from the application.

Take full control of your credit cards​

Customize its use with Monibyte

Since we hired the services of Corporate Credit Cards, we have received an excellent and above all timely service from their representatives to clarify any questions. On the other hand, we found the platform they use very user friendly and the ease with which one can assign to each card the restrictions or use permits for the different officials. Permits for use may be given in certain countries for as long as necessary, and restrictions placed on the amount and type of merchants in which each card may be used. Recently, on a trip of an important team of officials to cover the World Cup in Russia, we had to request new cards for several of them and the whole process was very simple. We are very satisfied with our Monibyte cards.

Joaquin Quesada C.

Financial Administrative Manager, Teletica

At the company level, it allocates the control of the employees’ expenses to the Control System Manager, which limits the expenses to the threshold allowed by the Company, which allows a more financial-efficient and reliable business management.

Dr. Clínica de la Visión

Monibyte has an exceptional Customer Service Philosophy with a great and very efficient idea where the control of the card is delegated to the client who becomes master and skips all the bureaucratic machinery of the traditional banks. I am very happy to be a Monibyte cardholder.

Dr. Paul Flikier

PCI ASV Compliance Certificate